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  1. Moving on to P3D


    12. January 2016 by Peter

      Once again I have had one of those periods where I have been away fro the cockpit for a …
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  2. Still having problems with my ATC sound-setup

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    26. October 2015 by Peter

    The vatsim sound-setup has caused me many headaches. I might have mentioned this before. I would like to have 4 …
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  3. Aloha Pololu


    19. April 2015 by Peter

    I installed a Pololu Meastro Servo card the other day in the cockpit. The reason was that the OpenCockpits card …
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  4. SIOC Script


    20. March 2015 by Peter

    Hi guys. Here is a link to my current SIOC script: Not sure if you have any use of …
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  5. OC cards and Prosim


    14. January 2015 by Peter

    I have had a few emails lately asking me how to set op OpenCockpits/SIOC with Prosim. I wrote a guide …
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  6. Gauges


    14. December 2014 by Peter

    Once you get the basics of making those gauges they are being produces at a rate as if it was …
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  7. How to interface / What to choose


    10. November 2014 by Peter

    Some of the emails I receive from you guys are about how to get started with building a cockpit – …
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