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3. May 2020 by Peter

So I bought some aviation headsets the other day. More on them in a different post. The thing with aviation headsets is that they are made for aircrafts. And in aircrafts there is a lot of noise. Engines roaring and wind noice from rocketing that aluminium tube through thin air close to the speed of sound. For that reason aviation headsets are noise cancelling. The one I got leave out about 30 db. That is quite a lot.

In a simulator it is not quite the same. The volume is at a more reasonable level. At least if you want to stay good friends with your wife and not sleep on the couch. So putting on aviation headsets leaves out everything else. Even the guy sitting next to you in the cockpit. So I thought I better start looking in to an intercom system.

Some years ago I made a complex setup for VATSIM. I have 4 microphones in the cockpit and if they all transmitted to the VATSIM network at the same time my voice would die in static noice from the other three mics. So using relays I ended up with a complex solution that could filter out the other microphones. But no intercom between the pilot and co-pilot.

So consedering an intercom system. There are boxes you can buy. But they do not support voice in/out of the cockpit (VATSIM) and Push-to-talk (PTT) buttons

But there is actually also an Intercom system incorporated in the Prosim Suite which I use for the cockpit.

So it was mostly a matter of finding out to configure it. That took a few evenings. And if you are using the Prosim package and are interested in the Intercom feature – then you might get som help from reading my guide and see the corresponding video.

The nice thing about this new intercom being software based is that there are less cables going back and forth. Less cables means better sound. Furthermore software gives better flexibility.

This intercom system of course requires that you use the Prosim Software suite.

After a few evenings the intercom is now up and running.

It is very cool.


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