One step forward – one step backward


11. June 2018 by Peter

Oh God. Has it really been half a year since my last blog entry. My apologies.

I guess the main reason is that whenever I took a step forward I shortly after had another step backwards. Example:

  • I made a watch using 7-segments displays. I could not get my OC display card to work.
  • I got vPilot to work. But at the same time I updated windows and P3D stopped working.
  • Had the GPWS panel on the F/O side installed. My interface board started randomly sending signals

And the list just goes on. So whenever I was happy about some progress, the day after I would experience a new set-back. I guess that is why I never made a new blog entry. I was always frustrated about something.The strange things is that sometimes things starts to work again after a week or two.

And then summer came early in May and we have been outside ever since.

So what has happend?

Well. One of the frustrating things is that things are unstable. I have done a clean installation of both hardware and software. That ought to make things stable. Made sure everything is connected properly. But still the most random things starts malfunctioning.

On the other hand I have finished making audio boards so I can fly online on VATSIM.

I updated to Prosim version 2 – that also caused some problems. Prosim began to be unstable. Updated windows to the April version (1018). P3D crashed…

It was my birthday last week. My wife and kids was so kind to get me a steering tiller. The one from SimParts. It is really great. Before I used the rudder pedals but the aircraft always went from side to side. Mainly because I had my attention elsewhere. It is clearly better with a steering tiller.

IMG_0741I have a very long to-do list. Things not working, things that needs to be fixed.

As you can see I have at least done something. A few items has been deleted from the list.

Then the summer came and I could move outside and so I started cutting MDF – what else to do when the sun is shining.

I have started the sidewall project. I really need to remake the structure of the cockpit. The plans made by Vidar are fantastic and together with Mickeys video (see below) you are off the a good start. I will do an update (and perhaps even a video) about my experience with sidewalls.

That is it for now. I am hoping for a more stable setup from here on – that will help on my enthusiasm on making progress on this build. 🙂

Cheers Peter


2 thoughts on “One step forward – one step backward

  1. Mickey says:

    So let’s hope for some rain, so that you can spend more time in the simulator instead of the garden.

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