Interfacing aviation headsets


22. May 2020 by Peter

This is part three in my trilogy about aviation headset. First part covered the headsets in general. Second part how to interface with Prosim and this part how to actually interface them.

Noice canceling

As I mentioned in another post the thing with aviation headset is they are noise cancelling. So you need to turn up the volume in your simulator. My headsets cancel 30db. That is quite a lot. First you better check with wifey if that is okay . Otherwise the couch might be a good place to sleep.

Different plugs

Second – the plugs on aviation headset are different from your computer plugs. So it is not possible to plug them in right away.

There are two plugs in two different sized. So you need to find them somewhere online in order to be able to use your headsets.

The speaker uses a plug called PJ-068. I found out they are (more or less) the same size as the old large jack plugs you had in your stereo – if you are as old as I am.

The Microphone plus is an odd size. It is called PJ-055. They are harder to find.

I found the plugs online for $8 each. Including shipping I ended up with $50 for plugs.

Different microphone

You can use the speaker part of the headset right away – once plugged in. But the microphone needs more amplification than your computer can deliver. So you must do a bit of electronic work.

After some research I found this 20+ years old post on How To…Adapt Aviation Headsets To Computers.

An easier solution

But there is another solution. You can buy ready to go converter boxes. They are expensive. But instead of spending $60 on plugs and waiting for hardware to arrive I ended up buying the converter boxes at $60 each. I need two.

Mounting in the cockpit

Then the plugs need to be mounted in the cockpit some way. They can not be screwed on to a panel. So I ended up using my limited skills in 3d drawing and made some brackets and a panel that I can mount in my eyebrow windows. A few 3d-prints later and they are ready to be mounted.

Home made mounting brackets

The files can be downloaded from here:

There are two panels. One with room for just the plugs and a panel with a volume control for the speakers as well.

You need to print two brackets and mount it with 6 x 3mm screws + 6x M3 nuts.


2 thoughts on “Interfacing aviation headsets

  1. Randy says:

    I have one of those adapters also but the issue I find is that your having to constantly change batteries. I would like to find a way to use a power adapter but I do not have experience with this sort of thing.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Big hand for sharing your project! Have now read your entire blog from the beginning again (!), Read every word and watched every movie. Incredibly inspiring! Keep building and sharing with us!

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