Corona and ghosts


25. October 2020 by Peter

I did a few posts about the intercom.

Once I finish my videos and post things everything was working fine except for the first of the side that couldn’t talk on the VHF – but that is a known problem.

9V adapter

I had to buy some adapters for the headsets. They use 9 V power. First I used a 9 V battery. But that was consumed within a month. So I had to figure something more permanent. Therefore I bought some 9 V wires from eBay so the adapters could be connected to a permanent 9v power source.
So far – so good!


However due to Corona it took 5 months for the wires to arrive. And it is not just with these wires I have been unlucky. Everything takes for ever to get in to the country these days. Packages from other European countries; add an additional two weeks. Items from Asia add additional two months.

So whenever I start a project in the cockpit and need parts the time to finish has gone from a month to at least a quarter of a year.

2020 truly is a strange year. I guess that is why there hot has been many updates in 2020. Things just takes forever to arrive.


Another strange thing I experienced – once I messed with the Intercom again.

Once I dived in to the Intercom again the program had started working differently from the last time I used it.

Now I am not able to hold the VHF1 button on the Captians side when I press it (The round button to the left).

This is what I normally call ghosts: Things that works when I leave them but then a few months later they work in different ways. I get that a lot! So much of my time goes with figuring out why things stops working.

Last week a USB hub is causing problems. So most og my MIP is not working. This week one of my toe brakes needed a recalibration. It worked the last week. Here is a list of new ghosts the last months:

  • My Radios on the F/O side blacks out. They are connected to an Opencockpits MasterCard and DisplayII card.
  • Half the AFT overhead stopped working.
  • Intercom stopped working (As mentioned above)
  • MCP / Autopilot started blanking out
  • CPT-side CDU/FMC has an unstable USB connection.
  • F/O-side CDU/FMC blacks out every now and then.
  • Gear lever might have a loose connection.

I do not know if this is due to my configuration in Prosim being very old and simply needs a clean install.

My electronics is pretty well wired. So I don’t think there is and issues there. But The Open Cockpits system seems unstable from time to time.


One thought on “Corona and ghosts

  1. Alberto Kunzel says:

    Hi Peter,

    Maybe is the windows 10 update .


    Alberto Künzel

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