New sidewalls


4. November 2018 by Peter

My word shed is without heating and it gets rather cold in the winter. So I have to focus the wood work in the summer period. Therefor I started making new sidewalls back in the summer.

My inspiration came from Michael Schultz from Mickies Flightdeck on Youtube. Michael does an incredible job and has high skills. I am not able to match his skills but at least you can be inspired. So I threw my self in to making those sidewalls.

It is a fairly easy job. Just time consuming. I have used an hour here and there. And it took me four months to make them. Mostly because I used glue and nails (Like Mickie) and the glue has to dry up before you can continue.

Both Mickie and I have used the plans made by Vidar Fagerfjord back in 2012. They are very good plans and easy to use. However there are a few things that you should take in to consideration. As Vidar states on the plans MEASURE TWICE – CUT ONCE!
There are a few places where the measurements does not match.

When you see Mickie video you will get an idea about how to build these sidewalls.

With my video I hope to be able to avoid some mistakes that easily can be done if you just go ahead with the plans with out measuring twice. So this is your trail and error.

My main problem when building the side walls has been that the different parts are too small. The measurement supplied in the drawings are from one corner to the other. That does not give you extra where you can fasten the different parts.

So always – when possible – make the pieces longer / wider / higher that on the drawing and then cut to measure afterwards.

Another thing: Start with the first officer side and make all your mistakes there before making the captions side.

Vidars drawings:


5 thoughts on “New sidewalls

  1. Oskar Sköld says:

    Looks really nice! What method did you use for spray painting? Airbrush or just spray cans?

    • Peter says:

      For the primer i used a brush and then sanded it with grain 320.
      The paint was added using a large airbrush (on a air compressor). 3 layers.
      I had some matt finish on a spray can that I poured over it afterwards to make it more resistant to dirt and sratches.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Hi Peter, i am just in the makings of my own sidewalls and just want to check what paint you used and what color? Thank you in advance. /Jimmy

    • Peter says:

      The paint is just regular wall paint. Colour is: RAL 9002. Then a few layers of finish / Varnish and you are good to go.

      • Jimmy says:

        Thanx mate! I did find it in one of you video and painted, ral 9002 looks absolutley perfect! Keep updating us with your progress.

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