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5. April 2021 by Peter

After struggling a bit with making amount for the eyebrow windows the captains side is now mounted with a snug fit to the third window.

Eyebrow window is a snug fit to the third window

I was asked by a Dutch guy about the windowsill and an outward angle from the third window. To be honest I wasn’t aware of that outward angle until I consulted the drawings once again. That brought me to a halt.

I realised I had to make the window sill before I could continue with the OEM liners. Otherwise I might end up with mistakes later on that couldn’t be corrected if things should match once put together.

Window sill in progress

So I’m on a bit of a crossroad.

Should I continue with the OEM liners – well knowing that at some point I might get into problems with the fittings to the side walls and front windows. Or should I leave the OEM liners on the shelf for some time and then do the side walls and front windows from the drawings to make sure everything is perfectly fitted later on.

I’ve chosen option 2.

So I’m now beginning the making of the side walls. Hopefully this will limit the amount of problems later on when things are put together.

Cutting MDF for the sidewalls

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