Some days are better than others


4. March 2013 by Peter

I guess the title can be viewed in two ways: The “glass is half empty”-way: It is mostly rubbish or the “glass is half full”-way: oh, what a joy when things succeed.

And well.. The last few months have been both. I know I has been a long time since I made my latest blog entry and that is exactly the reason for the title. It is not as if things has been brought to a standstill or I have given up on the project. Oh no! On the contrary!

I think my problem these days is that many om my sub-projects are on track but I seem to be unable to finish them.

Pedestal backend

Pedestal backend is one big mess in wires.

Like my pedestal. I only have like ten small tasks left but they are taking me forever to get done. Mostly because it is so boring tasks; like yesterday where I had to check all my wiring to my radios and re-solder those connections that did not work. Took me two evenings and was no fun at all… It turns out I have had some problems with loose connections in my home made wires.

And speaking of Pedestal and wires. Take a look at the back side of my pedestal! It is one big mess! The ribbon-wires are input/output, and (fairly) in order. However only 5 radio-units are active. For the rest of the pedestal only the backlightning is wired up. So when I at some point have a fully working pedestal I will be drowning in wires. I get so envious when I see panel-makers with I nice and tidy wire-layout. That is a note to self for the next parts I have to build (Like the MIP): Keep things nice and tidy!

Most of the loose wires is for the back lightning. Unfortunately I have used single LEDs for backlightning the pedestal. I now see that was a mistake. It results in many-many wires, and in my layout is harder to control. What I should have done from the start was to buy a LED-strip. More on this matter in another posting.

MIP February 2013

MIP February 2013: Work in progress. But at least in progress.

My MIP is also getting along just fine. Slow but steady. Here there I also have small tasks that I should attend to. But overall it is starting to look like a cockpit.

Right now it is a bit messy. I have bought an extra computer for running ProSim (Screens and inputs/annunciators). So I need to get both computers installed inside the frame. But again there are just a few tasks that I need to get done first. I am drowning in small tasks. 🙂

I borrowed a projector from work today. With two computers I can now rum FSX only on one computer and all extras on a secondary computer. And it worked just fine. At this point I have two old computers but it worked! Success! The projector gave a very nice feel instead of a 19″ monitor.

Projector test

Projector test. Lined up RWY 08L Aalborg (EKYT)

When you see the picture just bare in mind that the projector just is blow up on my wall in the basement, not a projector screen and that the projector it self is placed on a shelf against the wall. I had thought of using an old 32″ LCD TV for the outside view. But after using the projector today I think I projector might be a much better solution. So I need a screen and i roof-mount.

Once the MIP is finished I can add the autopilot/EFIS. But I just need to do some wiring and add those annunciators

On the pedestal I need to paint the box. The wiring is (hopefully) finished for those parts that is active; but I still need to test it.

Next up is a home made throttle. But I better get the pedestal and MIP finished first. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Some days are better than others

  1. Jorge says:

    What EFIS/MCP combination are you using?
    Did you make them?

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