Thoughts on a autopilot-unit


28. August 2012 by Peter

My first goal is to make a flyable cockpit with the most important parts working. Therefore a autopilot-unis (MCP) is a must in round 1.

As this is a cockpit on a budget the €600 panel from CPflight is out of the question. I have been looking a bit at some other different options. To begin with OpenCockpit and HispaPanels. OpenCockpit is (from what I can read on various forums) well known reasonable quality at reasonable prices. Of course you get what you pay.

The OpenCockpit MCP-module is plug’n’play where as the Hispapanel you need to mount you self. I have had a few talks with Manolo from Hispapanels. He is a nice guy, very helpful and answers fast. Mounting means soldering all parts on to a circuit board and building the unit. So I started comparing prices:

  • OpenCockpit MCP (Without box) is €288. Plug’n’play. From what I can read all you need is a USB-cable.
  • HispaPanels you need a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with components (resistors, connectors) and the panel it self including switches and displays. That is €100 + €134. A total of €234.

So the prices are almost the same. But regarding the Hispapanel you also need both a inout-board and a output-board which adds to the €234.

So in a total – on paper – the best buy is the OpenCockpit MCP. It is more or less the same price as HispaPanels, you don’t need extra input/output boards and it will arrive ready assembled. To me that is a no-brainer.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on a autopilot-unit

  1. Shaun says:

    Came across your blog today as I too am just about to starting building a desktop ‘pit’ starting with a MIP and then an overheard (somehow) that fits in a nice “WAF”,heh.

    I have the O/C MCP and it’s great. Single USB connection to the PC and runs off SIOC. I got the one without with the box to save a few dollars, so the back PCB’s are exposed but once installed in the MIP it’ll be covered.

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Shaun.
    Thanks for the comment. I am also going to order the OC MCP. The hazzle of making it and coding it just seems too much. It is great to get reviews and suggestions from other builders.
    Cheers Peter

  3. […] Further more I have ordered most of the panel-parts for the main panel. This includes gears, flaps, EFIS, DUs annunciators, warning lights, clock etc. And (I guess “the pearl”) a plug’n'play MCP/autopilot-unit from OpenCockpits. […]

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