Let some steam out


5. March 2013 by Peter

Well it helped to let out some steam in the previous blog-entry. Or at least face that I need to get all those small things done (Well not that I did let any steam out, I just helped my self realize that I should get all those small things done).

So after I wrote on the blot I went downstairs and found a brush and some paint. And now the pedestal-casing has been given the first layer of RAL 7035.


Pedestal casing

The bio/case is made from 6mm MDF and has been given a thorough sanding on all sides and edges and I have used filler to cover up holes and cracks.

The plan is to sand this first layer with “sand paper 180” 8to remove brush marks), give it a second layer (with a brush) and sand it. That should hopefully cover, so a third layer can be added with an air spray.

As mentioned in the previous blog entry I also went through all wiring for my 7-segment displays the other day. I tried to connect it last night. But the third display card is playing tricks on me, and I have to figure out what is wrong. More on this (hopefully) with in the week.

It might be a bit ambitious, but I hope to have a working pedestal and 80 % finished MIP by the end of March.

One thought on “Let some steam out

  1. Peter says:

    Okay, the brush-sanding-brush-sanding method did not work very well….
    I wanted to remove the brushstrokes – but leave some paint. Sort of make a base.
    But when I finished sanding I could see that I actually had sanded half the paint away in order to get an acceptable finish…
    So much for that idea.
    I will fill my compressor and air spray the paint on in stead.
    It is a bloody mess to spary paint but the result is much better.

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