A good waste of €100?

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18. November 2022 by Peter

When you open buildaboeing.com the byline reads “A cockpit on a budget”. Well this thins was totally unnecessary and still stood me at €100. So was it a waste of money. Depends on how real you want things.

Back 9 years ago I bought the face plates for my Main Instrument Panel, the MIP. It order to save a few bucks I bought the panels for 30 deg rotary switches. The panels it self was a bit cheaper but the 30 deg. rotary switches are also quite cheaper than the 45 degree versions.

Last month I found the MIP panels at a very cheap price. Aviation Megastore in Amsterdam is having a clearance sale and sold OpenCockpits panels at a 50% discount. So surely it was the right thing to buy the two DU-panels and the large auto brake panel at a cheap total of just €40.

After the panels arrived I started looking for 45 degree rotary switches. That is where things took off. I ended up paying €60 for 7 rotary switches that turns 45 degree per dent. That is almost €10 per switch! As I recall I payed just €2 for the 30 deg version.

So switching from a full working panel that visually used 30 degree dents to a 45 degree that looks lige the real aircraft ended up costing me €100.

So my rebuild og the Main Instrument Panel is taking yet another detour as I need to redo these two panels as well.


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My name is Peter and I live in Denmark.
I am building the cockpit of a Boeing 737 in my basement using my limited skills and inspiration from fellow builders.
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