Cockpit finally at some use


15. January 2014 by Peter

So the last year has been building-building-building. But now the cockpit is at a state where is actually can be used for some flying and fun.

Now I am not in anyway trying to advertise for any company. But there are a few vendors that I regularly check for special offers. Aerosoft had -20 % on all Mega Airports over Christmas, so I added Düsseldorf and Amsterdam to the collection, and tonight I had an online flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam.

I printed chartes for Amsterdam earlier today and ended up with some 30-40 pages. So I was a bit nervous when I was Gears Up from Kastrup, as all EHAM procedures was new to me. But it was such a great experience to log on to VATSIM and conduct the flight from cold-and-dark to (Well i guess it should be:) warm-and-dark. However I must say I still need to build a FMC. The iPad solution is okay – but not optimal.

I really enjoy VATSIM. It just gives that extra thrill with “real” ATC with an accent. In case you guys never tried an online flight you really owe you self that experience. I was glad that the dutch controller on Approach didn’t make me pronounce the names of those VORs but just used the three letter code. And man….. Taxiing in Schiphol took forever, I had to go from the one end to the other. But at least I got a chance to take a closer look at my new scenery. 🙂

So I just wanted to say that this really is some sort of milestone now that the cockpit actually can be used to simulate a flight. (And now I realize, that I even don’t have a category for this type of post. All posts so far has been on building a part of the cockpit. This is enjoyment and relaxation.)


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    The same way how I feel when I’m on VATSIM… Nice one dude!

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