A cardboard roof


15. August 2014 by Peter

Over the summer I have been working on different things in the cockpit such as Glare wings and finishing everything around the autopilot-section including wrapping this section in faux leather.

Another thing I have been making is a set of back walls. It really adds to the atmosphere that the cockpits is enclosed and I can close the door. Making the walls also inspired me to add some sort of roof. As I all ready had the overhead in place and the side windows in place it was mostly just a matter of adding something that connects the two.

Have you guys seen what eyebrow windows for a B737 costs?!!!?? The price on used ones from a real airplane are just astronomic. But even the replica ones seems very expensive to my. I would really like a set of eyebrows but not at that cost (at this point). So I made some my self from a few pieces of wood board painted grey. Pretty easy to do. But they need some rework if they should look the least like the real thing. The finish of my work here is not very great.

So when mounting the windows I also realized that there are virtually no measurements / drawings on how to make the roof. Things like “where does the column between the two eyebrows go? Between the FWD and AFT overhead? Or behind the AFT overhead? So you have to make your own choices when traveling down this road.

By now I have realized that no cockpit is the same. You measurements will always be a bit off when you compare to other guys. Therefor you need to make everything costume-made to your own structure. And that especially applies to the roof.

Some time ago I saw a genius solution made by a Belgian guy (Unfortunately I am un able to relocate the link to his blog). He made the roof out of cardboard before cutting any wood. That way he could make a model out of cardboard, and so when to wooden pieces are cut they will be a perfect match.

Check out how I am doing it in the video.

Take it easy.



One thought on “A cardboard roof

  1. Roope says:

    Your plane is allready looking like a.. PLANE ! Good work !

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