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20. March 2015 by Peter

Hi guys.

Here is a link to my current SIOC script:

Not sure if you have any use of it. But this might help some of you.

I use Prosim737 in the cockpit and so the SIOC file is made so it works with Prosim. As Prosim737 handles much of the logic what my SIOC file mostly do is to bridge between the var-numbers (udes by presume) and where the LED/switch is connected to the MasterCard.


I use (Or at least try to use) this structure in my SIOC-file. This might help you relocate things:

0xxx = CDU, MCP
1xxx = Servos
2xxx = MIP Inputs
3xxx = MIP Putputs
4xxx = Overhead Inputs
5xxx = Overhead Outputs
6xxx = Pedestal Inputs
7xxx = Pedestal Outputs
9xxx = Misc (FSUIPC, blanking etc)

What is missing

There are a few panels that not are interfaced yet. This includes:

  • Navigation panel FWD Overhead left side (Above the fuel panel)
  • DU-panel and ASA-panel on F/O side not connected
  • A few gauges not interfaced.
  • A few panels in the AFT overhead and pedestal not connected
  • No AudioControlPanels are interfaced.

Special things:

There are a few tricks in the SIOC-file:

  • Use a single encoder CTS288 as a dual.
    When turning the encoder I change the integer. If I push and turn I change the decimal.
    This works for COM1, NAV1, NAV2, ADF1
    Look around VAR6000
  • Automated starting switch
    When the starter switch on the overhead it turned GRD a servo is activated 25 seconds later (using a “delay” in the script)
    Look for VAR140x
  • SELCAL panel
    This function is not supported by Prosim737. All it does its to lit a LED when you push the button and turn it off when you push another.
    Look at VAR674x + VAR774x
  • Cabin door open
    This simple list a LED if the door into the cockpit is open.
    VAR6791 + VAR7791
  • Pause the FlightSimulator
    Using one of the INOP buttons at the flaps-panel on the MIP (The others buttons in that section are ENG + SYS) I trigger a FSUIPC offset that pauses/unpause FSX.
    Look for VAR9901
  • Blanking of 7-segment-displays
    When power is of the OC-cards normally writes “-1” in the displays. Using the blanking function they will be turned off. This works on the pedestal. I still need to work on the displays on the overhead.
    Look at VAR9999

3 thoughts on “SIOC Script

  1. Péter Matyasovics says:

    Thank you Peter ! Peter from youtube 🙂

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