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21. February 2014 by Peter

F/O side wall structure

F/O side wall structure

So this is yet another trail and error. 🙂 And this is 2 new windows frames / sidewalls.

Earlier I just had a few laths to create the illusion of a roof-line. But when I tried to add more it just proved too difficult to get it right.

So I figured that the best way to go was to do it right from the beginning by making the complete structure for the sidewalls with windows frames.

Best windows layout

I had a look in the “Marcus Pilot” measurements. But (again) there were too many unknown. Then I found the picture on the right. It is one of the best measurements I have found so far, as it gives you both length and angle of all the windows. I only have a printed version and no reference at this point. Once I find the source I will of course give you a link.



So I translated the drawing in to a structure that is a complete sidewall. See my drawing on the right.

A few important notes to my layout:

  • The “A-column” (Between front window and first side window) extends down and is mounted on the side of the MIP. This gives stability to the structure.
  • The top of the side window is in one piece and aprox 1 meter long. This needs to be in one piece as it holds most of the weight from overhead.
  • The “E-column” (The last one) extends all the way down to the floor and gives stability.
  • The part “C” is two pieces of wood. The top (marked with darker color) is a wide piece of wood that act as “shelf” and below a lath to add stability.


The picture on the right shows the sidewall structure mounted on the captains side. It gives a good illusion of windows. As you might spot I still need  to add the last piece “F” for the last window. I have no exact angles for this piece. So I plan just measure it by holding the lath next to the structure. My two fix points is the corner in the middle and then 31 cm down the C-column.

Next up is adding some RAL 7001 paint and then apply large quantum’s of MDF as the actual walls. Under the monitor you can spot my first attempt of the wall including a box that provides some storage space for charts when flying.

Below a iPhone panorama shot of the cockpit (It is a panorama and so many things looks bended).



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