Less trail and error – more beer, please!


22. October 2012 by Peter

One lesson learned so far is that this project not is a fast mover. 🙂

So far I am still building the pedestal. I guess I am using about 10 hours a week and so far I have only assembled 1/3rd of the pedestal-panels on the base.

The pedestal-panels is build on to a plate of plexiglas that again sits on a set of rails to prevent it from bending.

But my God there has been a lot of trail and error so far! And not only is it trail’n’error, but each time I need some sort of new material that takes days or weeks to get. Examples:

  • I have bought M4 Hex screws at the local warehouse and painted them in RAL7011. Worked like a charm, and the panels were tightly fitted on the plexiglas. But then I could not fasten the rails because the screws not were long enough. So I had to buy worth €10 new screws and paint them.
    And note to self, next time you paint screws only paint the head and not the screw it self. The batch on the picture had to be thrown away as the bolts not could fit with the paint on.
  • I am ordering all electronics from Asia and everything has a shippingtime of 10-20 days. So when a switch turns out to be the wrong one I have to wait a few weeks before I can finish that part.

So most of my time have been spent redoing things. But now things finally starts to get moving. Last night I finished the left side of the pedestal including backlight! However the “Mic Select”-panel is currently is without buttons and I am still waiting for my PCB’s for the 7-segment displays so they can be fitted. They (The PCBs) hopefully arrive sometime this week. But with my kind of luck that means that I have to rearrange everything behind the panels – leaving no time to sit back with a cold beer and enjoy the result.

Lesson 1: Time will be spent on trail and error – not beer!

One thought on “Less trail and error – more beer, please!

  1. Kevin says:

    Great blog! FYI, to me everything is an excuse to buy a tool. If anyone else has this problem (I probably would have) you fix it using a thread chaser to renew them.

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