Pedestal getting there


5. November 2012 by Peter

Slowly the pedestal is starting to look like a … Pedestal.

I hope to be able to fit the last few panels in the next couple of days. I just need to make holes in the underlaying plexiglass for pedal-parts and the backlight.

Then the visual part of the pedestal finally seems to be finished. Then I need to do the wiring on the backside.

I have used printed circut boards (PCBs) for all numbers/7-segment-displays. That was money well spent. Keeps the digits nicely together and instead of 8 wires out of 5 segments the PCB collects it so I only need 13 wires, that can be mounted in a socket/wafer connection.

At this point I still need to:
* mount and wire up 1/3 of the backlight LEDs
* add wires to all buttons
* glue bottons ontop of the switches
* mount LEDs for the few annunciators.

That seems manageable.

I have not bought any IO-cards yet so all programming is laying ahead. For now I just focus on getting the visual parts done.

Right now I am having a debate with my self whether to wire the Mic-select panel or not. It is 2x 24 push-buttons that I will never use. Or at least not to begin with. So I might just put the buttons in as placebo with no switch.

An other problem that I have encountered is reflections through the plexiglas from the backlight. The backlight LEDs are glued in the the plexiglas. The slits between the panel-parts are covered with 5mm high window sealer (The kind you mount on your window frame to prevent draught). But it also reflects in the annunciators. So large parts of the plexiglas is being covered in black electrical tape now.

The picture to the right shows some of my solutions. Screws are from the local warehouse. they have all been spraypainted with RAL7011-grey. On the side I have used M4 screws with a HEX head. the screws in the middle are normal M3 30mm screws. The knob is a $0.50 knob painted with RAL7035. And on top of the display I have put a piece of protective sun-film so you only see the numbers and the the segments them self.

Looks quite okay to me.

One thought on “Pedestal getting there

  1. Jorge says:

    Nicely done Peter.

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