Pedestal-panel arrived


26. September 2012 by Peter

So yesterday a small package from Belgium with the size of a shoe box arrived. The pedestal-panel! 🙂

The shipping only took about 4 days from Belgium to Denmark. So like a small boy on christmas I was excited to see what the nöel had got me this year week.

Everything was neatly packed inside and well protected. The cardboard even had ProSimParts printed on it. Other things like announciators was put in costume-made cardboard as well. Very neat!

So what else to do that get everything out of the box – and the children out of the way.

And shortly after I had a layout of my new pedestal in the dinner table.

One of the reasons that I chose ProSimParts instead of GLB or PolDragon was that all annunciators was included. So only the electronics is missing.

The quality of the panel is very nice in a price/quality-ratio. I am sure that you can find panels for a better quality and more realistic. But for my spare-time-simulator it is just fine.

I have added a few close-ups in the article as a gallery so that you can take a closer look at the quality.

The pedestal is made of 18 individual panels (of which 3 is covers for empty parts of the pedetal). Each panel (except the blinders) are made from two layers of plastic. The top layer white and the lower layer plexiglass. The plexiglass-layer have painted edges and holes for the electronics.

There are a few imperfections on the Vioce-panel mostly where the engravation not has been good enough. This is (on my panels) most visible on the voice-panel. Take a close look at the lettering SPKR.

But all the other panels are just fine – as you can see on the other pictures. The blurry-ness however is due to the camera and does not appear IRL. Very sharp lettering.

Of course I started building a pedestal-box right away using the measurements from “the bible“. But to my surprice the pedestal-panels from ProSimParts are only 14.5 cm across instead of the 15.0 cm indicated all other places. I realized then I had made my box and the front-palte and rear-palte was 2 cm too wide. Well, nothing that a saw can not fix. And as I only is building this simulator as a hobby and the a real aircraft those 0.5cm is no issue.

So over all I am very happy about my purchase and like the quality of ProSimParts products. The pedestal-case is on its way. A version 0.1 was made last night. But I need to make a small adjustments before I will let you see it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pedestal-panel arrived

  1. Shaun says:

    Those panels look pretty good.

    I just placed an order with ProSimParts the other day for an overhead panel kit. I’m really happy with the Radio combo set I got from them. Like you said, for the price they are sold I think you get a pretty good product.

    I also had a few letters on the ATC panel that were a little fuzzy up close but at a few feet away you couldn’t tell.

    I’m not sure yet if I’m gonna build out a whole pedestal yet but if I do I’ll probably go with these panels as well so I’m looking forward to see the build.


  2. Geremy says:

    Well done with your sim build
    -Geremy Britton
    Head of GLB Flight Products

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