Every Day is like Christmas


29. August 2012 by Peter

A few weeks ago I started ordering small things of eBay. Things like switches, wires, LEDs, diodes.

These items have now started to arrive. So each day I get home from work it is always exciting to see that santa brought to my mailbox today.

Today it was a 2 meters 40-pin flat ribbon cable. My God – wires are expensive!!! That 3m ribbon was $6.50 (From via eBay from liawu. I need to find something cheaper. Just the lower overhead-panel needs 100 switches and a ton of LEDs that all needs wires to a input/output-card.
Other goodies so far is the toggle switches with the white caps and the turn-knobs that costs fraction of the real boeing-style knobs. A bit of paint then I am sure I’ll do the trick – at $0.50 each! The company I bought it from on eBay also have their own webshop that seems to have some very cheap prices on basic electronics.

To be honest I have just ordered things of eBay without being sure what I am going to need.  But it is pretty mainstream things I have bought, and the pice was only a few dollars per shipment.

On a totally different note I am amazed that you can buy 10 toggle switches for $5 including shipping. That covers production, handling, postage and shipping half way around the world. Amazing!

3 thoughts on “Every Day is like Christmas

  1. colin green says:

    Hello peter i am building an overhead using your PDF (thank you). Can you send me a link to the knobs you used I have looked on Amazon and eBay but cannot find them.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Colin.
      They are on ebay, but you can get them cheaper at Tayda Electronics. Watch their facebook page for a monthly 15% discount code.
      I have used Tayda several times. No problems. Fast shipping. Taysa is also on eBay; but not as cheap.

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