New window frames

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6. February 2020 by Peter

For a long time I have had a video laying around about windows. I made new windows last year and by now I have forgotten what an utterly nightmare it was. Lets see how things were back then:

Well in the end I did manage to install the windows and they are looking good.

But I also did end up with ditching my back walls. I had spend many hours cutting the many pieces of wood to fit. But as you can see in the video it was some 15 cm too high. So I tore it down and used the wood in our fire place.

Instead I now have two pieces of MDF as back walls. And it is not cut in a cockpit shape. Just square. But then again – never look back.

I still have not finished the sidewalls vs windows. There is still a gap. But it is covered with card board. So when sitting in the cockpit you really doesn’t notice.


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My name is Peter and I live in Denmark.
I am building the cockpit of a Boeing 737 in my basement using my limited skills and inspiration from fellow builders.
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