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26. December 2018 by Peter

Merry Christmas to everyone!

My very sweet wife gave me a 3D printer in Christmas gift.

After a day of assembling and calibration I have now started printing things. Apart from the mandatory 3D Benchy (Boaty McBoatface) I am printing cockpit things. So far a few knobs (Type 1 knobs) and annunciator boxes. I do not really need the annunciators. But the knobs will come in handy. One knob takes 30 minutes to print.

These are the first prints. The boat that shows all the printing issues (But it came out okay) 2 knobs and one annunciator box.

First prints

Everything is printed in white So it needs paint and a bit of sanding to get rid of those 3d printed lines.

But there are so many things I plan on printing:

  • Knobs for MIP and Overhead
  • Gears for gauges
  • Things on the side wall
  • Wet compas
  • Fire handles
  • Handles for the throttle

Furthermore I have seen both yokes and pedals ready to 3d-print. So a new of pedals might be closer than I thought. Take a look here: Thingiverse It even comes with pictures of the build.

I am very exited!

A 3d-printer can be bought for as little as €175 / $200. Mine is the Anet A6, hvis is a i3-model. I also had the Anycubic i3 on my wishlist, but the Anet is what Santa brought me.

It took half a day to mount it. It is a DIY-build and it is worse than something from IKEA. And then the calibration also took about half a day.

But now it is happily printing away. And the possibilities are endless!



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My name is Peter and I live in Denmark.
I am building the cockpit of a Boeing 737 in my basement using my limited skills and inspiration from fellow builders.
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