First days of 3d printing


30. December 2018 by Peter

After having a 3d-printer for 4-5 days I am blown away!

There are so many possibilities and many of the things that I have had difficulty finding – well I can just print them!

There are tons of 3d files available more or less ready to print. Right now my printer is making the eye ball air vents below the PFD (Primary Flight Display). I have been searching eBay for used for a few years. But $125 each was just too much. Now I am printing them at $1 each.

I know – I know. There is a huge difference between OEM-parts and 3d prints. 3d prints also need sanding to look good. More on that later. I am also printing knobs, and after some sanding they look good. I will cover that in a video.

Buttons being printed

Buttons being printed

I have also been searching for the last parts for my side walls. As an example the air vents next to the seats. It is impossible to find an air vent 10 cm wide. I have looked almost everywhere. But – voila I found a 3d-file and can print them. There are so many things available out there. Almost entire cockpits. And this goes for both the B737 but there are also many A320 parts.

One of the things I really like about this hobby is peoples willingness to help each other. It is quite unique!! It really warms to see how people are helping, sharing and giving good feedback.

At this point I am close to recommend everyone to buy a 3d printer at some point. Not as the forst thing. There are MIPs and overheads to be build. But once you have a functional sim and start looking at eye candy like knobs, handles, lamps – you should buy a 3d-printer.

I hope you can understand why I am exited. The things I have spend a long time looking for I have right at my hand now – just a print away.



4 thoughts on “First days of 3d printing

  1. Yahoo says:

    Glad you found to wonder world of 3d printing. I’ve been printing parts for my sim for the past two years and it’s helped save money on parts. I’ve even designed and prints off a yoke as my saitek broke and I’ve designed iPad mount to use in my real plane I fly. I’ve not got a ended 3 printer and it’s faultless. Top tip look on thingiverse for parts and other random stuff you might like to print( like a rose for the wife😂) And if I’m designing stuff I use onshape it’s a browsers free software which I use to design parts and send it to cura to slice and print. Keep up the good work I enjoy your build updates

    Regards Matt

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jimmy says:

    Absolutley perfect! Just ordered myself a 3d printer for my 737 project.
    I want to thank you for sharing you experience and inspire me to get on
    with my similar project aswell!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Ola says:

    If you print ABS this is a trick to make the knobs look better:

    • Peter says:

      Wow. That is a impressive finish. I have heard that ABS is more difficult to print. But after watching the video I have to order a spool. 🙂
      Thanks. Rgds Peter

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