Windows 10 – One thing to be aware of


2. August 2016 by Peter

I upgraded to Windows 10 last month. The transition seemed very smooth. Prepar3d is still running with out problems and everything seemed in perfect order.

But last week I noticed one thing that not was okay. My joystick assignments have been set to default.

It seems that in the process of updating my CH yoke and pedals have been deleted from the windows library and then reinstalled. This causes P3D to see them as new joysticks with default mapping of assign buttons.

That caused a lot of problems because my throttle kept going to 65% (Remember that figure from this video?) and later on to full throttle. It turns out that the handles on my CH yoke were set at (guess for you self) 65%. Se after deleting the axis assignment i P3D my thrust settings  went back to normal.

So now I might have a chance of calibrating my joystick.

I was not aware of this bug in the Win 10 upgrade process. But that is something that might cause problems. I was not aware of the changed assignment because I did not change anything is the assignments.


5 thoughts on “Windows 10 – One thing to be aware of

  1. Dan says:

    That’s unfortunate.

  2. quinn says:

    Do you have a built throttle to see?

    • Peter says:

      What you see in the category Throttle is what I got. It is not much I can see. I can try making some more once it is installed again.

  3. Quinn says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a 737 built throttle quadrant for under€300 to €200. Is it possible for you to make a custom 737 quadrant with a motor? Yes or no?

    • Peter says:

      Short answer: No
      I have more than enough on my own hands. I supply inspiration to other builders just as I found inspiration from other builders.

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