Fasten your seat belts

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8. November 2015 by Peter

I made a small box out of Foamalux the other day and printed a seat belt & no smoking sign.

The decals are printed on “overheads”. At least that is what we used to call that transparent film that teachers uses to use before Power Point was invented. Two layers prevents the light from shining too much through on the black parts.

On the back side if the box there are 2×5 yellow LED in each section. and I am interfacing it to Prosim later today using the gates. There are no direct indicators for these two functions, but there are gates that I then can trigger the LEDs with.


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My name is Peter and I live in Denmark.
I am building the cockpit of a Boeing 737 in my basement using my limited skills and inspiration from fellow builders.
I post my progress on this blog and hope it can be an inspiration to others.

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