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2. March 2014 by Peter

Okay, so last night there was a VATSIM event in Münich. A so called “Real Time” event, where to goal is to arrive/depart on time.

So I have been in a hurry the last couple of days to make the cockpit ready for flight. I have physically moved my computer two meters, so they now are placed where the circuit switches are. This required a whole lot of rewiring. But Friday evening almost everything as in working condition and Saturday afternoon all systems were at “go”-state.

My route from EKCH to EDDM. Shortcuts via ATC clearance.

My route from EKCH to EDDM. Shortcuts via ATC clearance.

So I had two flights booked:
SAS1665 from Copenhagen. ETA 1954Z
DLH5UW to Düsseldorf. Slot time 2021Z

And amazingly I made it!
Wheel up from Copenhagen 1 minute ahead of schedule and touch down at 2051Z!

Busy events on Vatsim are always fun. On final in Münich we were separated by 7-8 nm, and I received my landing clearance just 800 ft above the runway! You could see me yelling at the pilot in front of me to vacate the bloddy runway so I didn’t have to go around. Busy, stressful and a whole lot of fun. 2x taxi time and turnaround in half an hour. No way. 🙂 So I was 13 minutes delayed on departure, but had a shortcut on the way to Düsseldorf and gained 5 minutes on that short trip.

In case you never have tried Vatsim (or other online networks) I would say it is a must! Really adds to the realism of being in a cockpit. And actually it is easier in a home cockpit then when I was a desktop pilot. Now all buttons and switches are in the right place. 🙂

Once again, time for a beer!

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My name is Peter and I live in Denmark.
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