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11. February 2019 by Peter

I have had the 3d-printer for about a month. I absolutely love it! It really is the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many possibilities. Either you can design things you self. But on community-pages lige there are many files ready for download and print.

Just like the sim-build is a great community that are willing to help and share this extends to 3d printing. You can find various knobs, LED boxes, gauges and even entire throttles and pedal sets. Free to download. Ready for print.

Also there is a facebook page with a lot of prints available for download and I also must thank Karl from

Many of the things that I have had difficulty finding, I have been able to find as a download and print.

The knobs prints at € 0.10 each. So that is very cheap! Then they need sanding and painting. But I really like the end result. Here you can see the new knob compared to my old knobs to the left (That were $ 0.50 each)

Other things I have printed are:

  • Different knobs for Audio Control Panel, cargo fire warning, MCP
  • Handles for windows
  • LED boxes
  • Handles for the throttle
  • Replica / fake Eye ball air vent (Good luck trying to find those on eBay)
  • Sidewall fittings
  • Entire wet compass

Some pictures below on my prints.


5 thoughts on “More on 3d printing

  1. Mario Richard says:

    HI Peter, I’m about to buy a 3D printer and would like to know if you would be kind enough to share your printing files or to give me a link to where I can download them? I’m mostly interested in the various knobs and buttons that are on the B737 MIP and Overhead panel. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    • Peter says:

      Hi Mario.
      You can find a lot of 3d prints for the 737 on
      Free download and then you load them in to Cura (Software) and print from there. Easy peasy.

      I also found these 3d models of the entire 737 cockpit. I all fairness towards the original creators and not to violate any copyright I better send you the original file that I extracted these items from.
      Extract/isolate the item in SketchUp and (via a SketctUp plugin) make a 3d print model.


      • Mario Richard says:

        HI Peter, thanks for taking the time to answer and for those links. I’ll check them out. Its hawsome. Thanks a million!



  2. Roger Harris says:

    Hi Peter – can you tell me what kind of 3d printer you are using? Thanks. This is a great post as always – I’ve followed you from your early beginnings and you are a real inspiration to me. Keep up the good work!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Roger.
      I have a Anet A6. It is great value. I had the Anet A6 and the AnyCubic i3 Mega on my wish list for Christamas and my wife got me the first. But if I think I would have spend those few bucks extra and gone with the AnyCubic i3 if I should buy it my self. The reviews are awesome!
      Cheers Peter

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