Eye ball air vents


11. March 2019 by Peter

For a few years I have been searching for those eye ball air vents that sits on the captians side and first officer side below the screens.

I found one (just one) used but the price tag was around $200 + tax and shipping. It would end up in $ 350 before I would have it in my hands. A nice touch to the cockpit but not worth that amount.

I have seen others do this with coffee capsules (Like the Nespresso / Dolche Gusto).

Let me present you with two 3D printed eye ball air vents. Total price less than $1 each.

They are printed and directly painted with some metallic paint I had from my former car. The base / mounting plate is home made (in Fusion360). I have not sanded them. Perhaps I should have done that. Especially the base/mount-plate.

They are not working. No air will ever flow out of them. But they give that look/feel to the cockpit.

For those who – in a few seconds – will ask “where can I find them?”. I all fairness towards the original creators and not to violate any copyright I better redirect you to the original file that I extracted these items from. It is a SketchUp drawings of the cockpit.

In SketchUp you will have to isolate the air vents, and then export from Sketch up (there is a stl-format export plugin).

So a huge thanks to D. Pinero, the author of the 3d models of the cockpit.



6 thoughts on “Eye ball air vents

  1. Joakim says:

    Hej Peter, fedt med den 3D printer 🤩🤘🏻 Det er lykkedes mig at finde eyeball vent’s i Europa (de fås i forskellige prisklasser/kvaliteter og materialer – jeg købte den billige version i plast;

    Kombineret med en kanalventilator fra Harald Nyborg og et par støvsuger slanger, spændebånd mv er det lykkedes mig at lave ventilation i simmen (forbundet via et Phidgets relæ kort og mapped til packs/Right recirculation i prosim) det virker perfekt og giver lige den ekstra realisme 🙂

  2. Jimmy says:

    this has been uploaded to thingiverse recently, i have not printed thoose yet but by the
    look of it they seems to be quite nice.

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