Confused – on a higher level


23. July 2017 by Peter

I decided to follow the SimuJabs plans vigorously. At least that was the plan. But I have stumbled in to problems a few times. Two reasons.

First: The measurements are from the centre of the section. There is nothing wrong with this. You just need to make sure what you are doing.

Each section is 3×3 cm. But the measurements is in the middle of the bar as stated on the paper. An example is item 46 on the picture below. Looking at the drawing section 46 should be 186,8 cm high. But when cutting things according to the parts list in the top left corner section 46 is listed ad 189,8 cm. 3 cm longer. This because the measurements in the parts list is from the middle of the lower and top sections. Again nothing wrong with the drawing; you just really need to be sure what measurement to use when. Because in different situations you need the full length and when things are in an angle it gets even more difficult. It can be done but you need to check twice before doing anything.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-23 kl. 11.02.18 When I was writing this blog entry I needed a picture of the SimuJabs plans. So I downloaded the plans again so I could make a screenshot. Apparently there is a new version with more measurements. I have been doing of calculations based of triangles to get the missing measurements. But most are included in the new drawing. So a big thank you to SimuJabs for a new version.

To make things even more complex I am building using wood logs that measures 4×5 cm. So I need to make sure what to subtract.

Second thing that is getting me a bit confused is the difference from the “Marcus Pilot bible”. Angels and lengths are not the same. Today I made the upper window frame. I still have the section from the old cockpit (The grey part in the picture). When comparing the two (MarcusPilot vs SimuJabs)  it is clear that there are differences.

If this angle is different here then the rest will also be offset. To me the angle of the SimuJabs might look a bit too sharp. But so far I am sticking with the SimuJabs plans. Pedro from SimuJabs has helped me a bit on how to build it. I will keep you updated. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Confused – on a higher level

  1. quinn says:

    Do you have any built plans for the 737 to throttle quadrant?
    I want to know if you do.

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