Electrical display


18. September 2014 by Peter

Electrical displayWiiiee!!! 🙂 Finally all digits on the overhead is working!

Yesterday I made the Electrical Display. It was fairly easy. Together with the IRS display on the AFT overhead and the altitude displays on the forward overhead all numbers are now interfaced and working.

For this panel I have used green 3-digit 0.36inch 7-segment displays. I found 10 of them on eBay for around $12.

They are each wired using 20 cm dupont wires ($3). These wires then meet on a prototyping board ($1) where the 8 shared pins can be – well – shared.

Total cost is around $16.

The display is connected to two display cards. The display card that provides the IRS display had 5 available slots. The display card the is hooked up with the altitude display had 6 free pins. But I needed 7, so I have turned off the first digit in the LAND ALT display. I don’t think I ever will land at an airport above 10.000 ft. So it really isn’t much of a limitation. This means that all displays on the overhead is alive using two display cards.


4 thoughts on “Electrical display

  1. Arnaldo says:

    Hi Peter,
    I want say you BIG compliments for your work and your beatiful Cockpit.
    I foun many your info very useful for my Home cockpit. I have a SSTD based on a 737NG (just the Captain side) but at the moment I not yet finished my Overhead panel, a Poldragonet Panel.

    I would like to have, if possible, more info about how you made your Electric Panel Display.

    Thanks in advance. My email is: — Removed by Peter —

  2. Mrinal says:

    Hey Peter,
    Amazing job done, and better yet your generosity to share the technical know-how.

    I had been trying to build one myself for a long time and just stumbled upon your site.
    Would please help me by sharing the electric circuit if you can!

    Thanks and regards


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