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17. September 2014 by Peter

As I never tried anything else than Prosim I have no idea how to interface a gauge in SIOC with other avionics suites. But with Prosim it is quite easy. There is still some manually SIOC work to be done but all calibration is handled easily via Prosim.

In this video I have a homemade duct pressure gauge with two servos that I need to interface with an OpenCockpits Servo card.

In my SIOC file all gauges has a variable in the one thousands, so it is 1xxx. My USB Servocard is device 4 in SIOC and the two servos are connected to output 1 and 2.

When working with Prosim you first must define the variable numbers in the Prosim configuration and then add the variable numbers to the SIOC fine and adjust with the correct device and output numbers. But there is no need for naming the variables in SIOC. It is the “Var number” that links/bridges the servo to Prosim.

This is from my SIOC script:

// Duct Press
Var 1461, Link USB_SERVOS, device 4, Output 1, PosL 1, PosC 511, PosR 1023, Type 1 // Pressure Left
Var 1462, Link USB_SERVOS, device 4, Output 2, PosL 1, PosC 511, PosR 1023, Type 1 // Pressure Right

Configuring and calibrating the two servos for the Duct pressure gauge took me 5 minutes total, then it was ready to be used.


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