12. May 2014 by Peter

So I learned something today – again.

I have been looking for 7-segment displays for the IRS panel.

I could not find the exact size for the digits. But from the pictures it appeared that the digits were a bit bigger than on the altitude panel.

I use 0.36″ on the altitude panel, so I needed something a bit bigger. So I ordered 4 x 4-digit 0.40 inch displays from Tayda Electronics. They arrived today, together with some white 0.36″ for the clock.

20140512-222919.jpgWell it turns out that the 0.40″ displays are waaaay larger than the 0.36″ displays.

The north/south part needs 7 digits (1 letter and 6 digits). The east/west part needs 8 units (1 letter and 7 numbers). So you need unites like on the picture. And as you can see the 0.36″ units can merely be squeezed in to the frame. 0.40″ units… Forget it.

So not I am out looking for 15 x 0.36″ yellow displays.



2 thoughts on “7-segment

  1. tegeon says:

    Hi Peter, I am using the following:

    Click to access SC36-11YWA.pdf

    The website is PL, but the PDF is in EN.

    I hope this helps.

    Cheers – Seb.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Seb.
      I also use the Kingbright SC3611YWA units. It just takes a lot of daisy chain to use single units. But I found two 5-unit PCBs from Hispapanels in my leftovers.
      I hope to finish the display tonight and will post some pictures of the IRS display when finished.
      Cheers Peter

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