Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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31. December 2013 by Peter

Hello guys

I hope you all had a good christmas (at least those of you that celebrate christmas 🙂

Cockpit December 2013

Cockpit December 2013

When I look back to see where the cockpit was a year ago I think thing has come pretty far in a years time. Last year I only had a non-working pedestal and that was it. So what you see in the picture is all made in the last year.

First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone that follows this blog or watch my youtube videos. Both those that just watch/read but also I big thanks to all of you that has commented on my things. It is really great to find out that other people can benefit from the things you make.

I got a Dualhead2go at christmas. I found a cheap used one on eBay and causally mentioned it to my wife (well, actually I mailed it to her saying “I want that one”). So the last couple of days I have been playing around with it.
Installation and usage is pretty strait forward.

Unfortunately I am not very happy with the Dualhead2go.
First of all the one I found was the Analog version. The analog version only supports 3:4 ration screens. So my (By 2013 very common) wide screens in 10:19-ratio is not supported. That results is the screen is streched from 10:12 to 10:19.
Second I found out that flying around (and especially taxing around) with a screen frame down the middle just is some what unpractical. Well as a matter a fact it is just too confusing when the centerline is jumping between two screens.
So I think I might sell the Dualhead2Go and get a Tripplehead2Go instead.
Oh yes. And a third problem I found with the Dualhead2go was a significant drop in framerate. So I must look further in to that before getting three screens up and running.

Again I guess I should apologize (once again) for not updating the blog more often. But many of the things I do these days are minor things. Like tonight where most of my time went with replacing toggle switches from the small ones to the large ones. And then I adjusted my SIOC script so that the radio-display is off / Blanked when power is off in the aircraft.

Beginning of sidewall

Beginning of sidewall

As you might have seen on the blog I have (manx and) installed an overhead. So apart from fiddling around with switches and SIOC-code I am also using some time (and some meters of wood) to build the structure around the cockpit. So far the frame for the roof and overhead is in place and I have covered it with a few wooden plates. And last week I started working on the sidewalls for the captains side.

Okay, so as you might see there is a a lot of “small things” happening in the cockpit.




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