Overhead ver 1.5


19. December 2013 by Peter

Overhead version 1.5

Overhead version 1.5

I have uploaded a new version of my overhead file to day.

Some changes are minor others significant. The changes from the last version are:

  • The RAL7011-colour is adjusted
    On my print the colour was a bit reddish compared to my other panels. But I am unsure if this is better. The result of course also depends on your printers calibration.
  • Gauges are resized
    Gauges are made smaller. Now most are 5 cm wide like on the B737.
  • Extra set of annunciators deleted.
    You needed to print the extra annunciators on transparent foil and the panel on white. That is not possible with a single file. I will upload the extra annunciators as a separate file.
  • MIP Lights panel are removed
    I made these panels because I needed them for my own cockpit. But as they not are a part of the overhead panel I have deleted them. Might upload them separately.
  • Holes for screws deleted
    On earlier version small black circles indicated where you needed to put screws. But in case you didn’t use them you would end up with black circles on the panel.
  • Additional panel in 2dn row changed
    The top panel in 2nd row is unused space in the B737. So I made a panel for turning on/off computer (extension of the on/off button on the cabinet). I never got around using this feature, so I guess neither will you, as you need to hardwire your computer to the overhead panel. New panel gives the option of controlling pushback.

The new file is resized compared to older version.

New measurement is: Width: 93.6 cm – Height 84.7 cm.

With this version 1.5 I think I will let this project collect dust on the shelf for a while now. Of course un less you spot an error or have a request.

Nowever somewhere down 2014 I might work on a version 1.6. For that I – at this point – am thinking about two things: (1) make the white panels. (2) On the 737 some panels are extra layers (Like the “ALT GEAR HORN” in 4th row). I might add those extra layers so that the overhead will have more contour.

The new version is already uploaded and you can download it from the overhead-page in the top-menu.

Merry christmas



7 thoughts on “Overhead ver 1.5

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Peter
    I have been following your site for a while and enjoy all that you share, I see no file V1.5, well not like the original PDF or iIlistrator, am I missing some thing……Regards Paul.
    A merry christmas to you and your family.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Paul.
      The name of the file is the same as previous versions. So the active links at buildaboeing.wordpress.com/overhead contain version 1.5. There is a small blue box on the overhead that states the version.
      The v1.5 is changed a bit compared to the earlier versions as I have taken some things out (Like the MIP-light panels and extra annunciators).
      If you need help just write me an email at buildaboeing@gmail.com.

      Best christmas wishes

  2. Ryan Gann says:

    Great Site, I love the fact that you did a print out of the overhead panel, this is what I was planning on doing about a day or two before I stumbled upon your website. I was wondering if you could send me the measurements of one of the panels? As an example, what would be the size of the Navigation Panel? I am planning on building mine as individual panels. Any help would be great, thanks

    • Peter says:

      Hi Ryan.
      All rows are 15 cm wide (Except the middle that is 6,7 cm wide).
      If you look at the files you will discover that all panels are made as individual panel (As you plan to build it). So as long you print either:
      * The complete overhead with the measurements from this page – or –
      * Make sure each panel is printed 15 cm wide
      the height should fit

      The Navigation-panel I measured at 15 (w) x 15,5 (h) cm
      The fuel-panel below is 15 (w) x 23,5 (h) cm

      The file is located in the “Overhead” link in the top-menu.


  3. Mario Richard says:

    HI Peter, I’m planning to build my own 737 overhead as well. You would help me a lot if you would give me permission to download the overhead files ready for printing.

    Thank you!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Mario
      Just click where it says “Overhead” in the top menu.
      The file is available in pdf and Illustrator-format.

      • Mario Richard says:

        Thanks Peter, I’m telling you what a good job you did on the overhead panel. It must have took you a long time to draw, size and vertor everything. Thank you so much again. It is really appreciated.


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