Goodbye to an old freind


22. October 2013 by Peter

Bye bye!My old work horse has given up!

After 6 years my old flightSim computer refuses to start.

I bought (or rather I builded) it back in 2007 so I guess it has done its job. However it is the first I actually experience a computer brake down.

Of course this is the computer with ProSim and SIOC on. That means all my settings and SIOC-code.
Back-up? Naaeee! Who needs that!

I can’t figure out what is wrong, be cause the computer boots and starts loading windows. But then it restarts. So I thought a fresh windows install might do the trick. But that resulted in blue screen and a empty windows partition. So right now I just hope that I can rescue the SIOC-code…

4 thoughts on “Goodbye to an old freind

  1. I just found your blog after searching for help with my own build and saw this. You have a website and therefore have a hosting account. Did you know you can back up an image of your computer by using FTP? Its a bit late now but could be a good idea for the future. If you would like help I would be more than happy to take you through the process. Just leave me a message at

  2. *You can then load the image straight onto a new hard drive or a similar computer, all you have to do is download it and copy the files to the new hard drive.

  3. Peter says:

    Hi Alistiar.
    I found a new (/used) computer and was able to get the SIOC-script and Prosim-configuration extracted from the old hard disk. Thanks God! 🙂
    But overall you are right. That sounds like i good idea. I’ll follow your advise. I have a NAS at home and that should be able to do imaging.
    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Phillip says:

      Hi – if your still trying to save the old computer you might look at the capacitors (the metal cans with an x scored on the top) on the mother board and see if you has a ’round’ top and is not flat like the others. that would mean it popped like a soda can and replacing it will fix the problem. i had a similar thing happen to me and had the same restarting problem. just be careful soldering, its tricky. But getting that computer back up and running so simply is very rewarding.

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