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19. August 2013 by Peter

This is list of my IO-boards and computer hardware at this time and how it is connected:

Computer set-up

Currently I run a setup with 3 computers:

Main PC

This is the main computer, that (almost) only runs FSX. This way other programs is running on other computers and not using resources so as much as possible can be allocated to FSX. Only two other programs running on this computer: TileProxy, and FsRaas (I can’t get it to work via WideFS).


  • Intel i7 2700K  CPU (No OC at this time / Yet)
  • AsRock Z77 Pro4 motherboard
  • 8Gb GeiL Evo Corsa 1833 RAM
  • Gigabyte GFX 660 2GB/OC Grapich card
  • Samsung 840-series 128Gb SSD Hard drive
  • WD 1gb SATA-drive Hard drive
  • XFX Core Edition PRO 550W PSU
  • CoolerMaster 212 Evo CPU cooler
  • Windows 7 64bit ultimate DK
  • 5.1 speaker-system
  • One projector – ceeling mount

Main Instrument Panel computer

This computers main job is to display displays on the main instrument panel. This is done via 3 screens. The computer (Apart from Win8 and WideFS) only runs two parts of the ProSim737 suite: ProsimDisplay and ProsimAudio.

ProsimAudio is a program that handles cockpit-sounds (like GPWS sounds, autopilot-sounds etc). This setup (on a second PC) makes it possible to only have aircraft/engine sounds on the 5.1-speakers and then have cockpit callouts on a different set of speakers.


  • Old PentiumD
  • Old unknown GFXcard.
  • Win 8 ult.

The GFXcard has two exits: I use a DVI-splitter to get the same picture on two screens (Captain + first officer side)

“Server” computer

When I use the word “server” it is an exaggeration. But this computer handles many background-tasks and tie everything together This computer also handles all inputs & outputs from the cockpit.


  • 6 yrs old Athlon 64
  • Radeon 9600
  • Speakers and USB-headsedt
  • Win XP (So far)

This computer runs a wide list of programs. Too much actually the computer it as its max capacity. So at some point I need a fourth computer to run some programs. At this point it runs:

  • SIOC
  • PoKeys
  • ProsimServer
  • ProsimCDU
  • ProsimPanel
  • ProsimMCP
  • FsInn
  • Plan-G
  • Web-prowser (Prosim service-module and webbrowsing)

Because of the many programs on this computer I am starting to notice problems with SIOC. Sometimes it doesn’t register inputs. This computer also runs FsInn and thereby the VATSIM-integration. And most importantly the Prosim737-server ties everything together and communicates with FSX.

Interface cards

I use a mix of OpenCockpits cards and Pokeys.

Untill a month ago I only used OpenCockpits cards. So the MIP and Pedestal uses the following OC-cards:

  • Plug’n’play OpenCockpits MCP / Autopilot
  • 1 x USB expansion card
  • 2 x mastercards
  • 3 x DisplayCards
  • 1 x USB servo-cards

At this point the overhead is it its first stages and sofar only connected via:

  • 1 x PoKeys 56U

This gives a limited number of inputs/outputs So I need more cards along the way. Furthermore I (at this point) use ports on the OC Servo card in the MIP. But at some point the overhead will need an separate OC USB-Serve card.

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