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20. June 2013 by Peter

I just had my first real flight in the cockpit. And that was even an online VATSIM flight.

Just a small quick flight between Copenhagen (EKCH) end Aalborg (EKYT). That is just 25 minutes in air.

Everything worked! Well it is always one step back and two forward, and there are still things that does not work. So my transponder would not work with FsInn/VATSIM and so on.

But what surprised me the most is that after I installed the new computer last week and moved everything around, all I had to do was to copy the SIOC file to the new computer and everything worked flawless again. Thank you ProSim for making interfacing so easy!

There still is a lot of work that needs to be done on the cockpit. But now it is flyable!


I have bought an app for my iPad so it can be used as FMC to begin with. It was such a joy to taxi out to the runway in a fully configured aircraft press the N1 and just watch it roar down the runway. A gentle pull on the yoke and it went up.

I must say (again) that the Prosim package really is a jewel! It is so easy to use and works so well! Even on multiple computers. No hazzle at all!

Tonights picture is taken with an iPhone – hence the quality. And I have adjusted the exposure so the pedestal is (barely) visible. But this is the “thing” on full autopilot turning final on the approach to RWY 26R at EKYT.


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