First steps towards a throttle


28. May 2013 by Peter

After laying around a few months I have again taken a look on the throttle.

At first my intent was to make something that would at least just look like a throttle. But in my search for pictures of other home build throttles I had a closer look at Rubys page and his awesome throttle. Rubys finish is amazing! And so I got inspired and decided to move from “just look a little like a throttle” to “as good as possible” which means that I will do the homework before assembling the throttle.

Right throttle lever

Right throttle lever

For the same reason I will be building it in phases. Each throttle-lever is a separate phase. The flaps-lever is a phase and the spoiler a phase and finally the cover. The (In my eyes) clever in this strategy is that the levers is attached to one of the 11 plates. So I can finish 1-2 plates as a section and then assemble it as a finished section.

So first step is the right-side throttle-lever.

What I am working these days is the handle and what is going on inside the handle.

Close-up throttle handle

Close-up throttle handle

The picture on the right shows a close-up of the inside of the handle. There are two switches inside that needs wiring. A push-button and a micro-switch.

What I still need to do (apart from the wiring) is to install some sort of spring (or rubber band) that can pull the reverser-handle back to “idle” position when left untouched. And I need to make a “slot” to transfer the wires down from the throttle-handles.

Reverser handle

Reverser handle

The reverser-handle is made from 3mm plexiglass, cut 2 cm wide. I thought about making them out of metal. But first of all I have no access to metal and no tools to bend it. So I chose plexiglass and have bended it using a heat gun (the kind you can remove paint with). Turned out pretty good!

As you might notice in the picture above the upper part of the handle needed a small cut to make room for the micro switch (which is not that micro).


8 thoughts on “First steps towards a throttle

  1. curtis says:

    please help me , what size rod do you use is it 8mm or 10 mm , and do you have anyhelp for me on constructing it

    • Peter says:

      Hi Curtis.

      I have used 8mm rods.

      Unfortunately my progress is close to zero… 🙂

      I have chosen to focus on one part at a time. This means that I will finish one plate – and all attached to it – at a time.
      To begin with I am focusing on the right throttle handle. So I am making that and attaching it to the plate (cant remember if it is #6 or #8). This plate also contains one of the fuel cut off, so I need to make that one as well before plate #6/8 is done and I can move on.

      It is so great with comment on the blog! Your question reminded me that I it has been too long since I have done anything to the throttle. That kinda kicked me in the right direction so now I am (slowly) making progress – finishing the first throttle handle.
      But things are getting along so slow that I have bought a (used) set of CH yoke, pedals and throttle quadrant that hopefully will arrive tomorrow.


  2. Damon Reynolds says:

    could you give me links to the measurements of the throttle handles, it would be greatly appreciated

  3. Thibaud Desutter says:

    Hello Peter
    I see that this article is from 2013. Is your throttle finished or have there een changes?
    I would really like to see the throttle in it’s current condition.
    Many greetings
    Thibaud Desutter

    • Peter says:

      Hi Thibaud.
      Well. Not much has happened over the last year. Until last week where I actually restarted this project. No news yet, but hopefully there will be some in 2015. So far I have changed the inside of the throttle handle from micro switches to a pot on the reverser handles.

  4. Jorge says:

    There is so much to do. I just started and I am trying to get the MIP together. Next will be the pedestal with the radios, and then???

  5. Ed. says:

    Wow. you are a genious…

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