My long awaited


5. April 2013 by Peter

60 cm 5p dupont calbes

60 cm 5p dupont calbes

One of the worst things about this hobby is the waiting… The time it takes from ordering things on eBay and until they arrive. Mainly because I forget to order in advance. In stead I order things when I need them, and then have to wait 3 weeks before I can make any progress on that part of my project.

But today my long awaited long ribbon/dupont-cables arrived that I need for wiring up the displays on my pedestal. So hopefully I can finish that part over the weekend and make the pedestal work in SIOC/FS.

It’s gonna be a great weekend! 

2 thoughts on “My long awaited

  1. ohsirus says:

    Please make sure you provide feedback on your 7 segment displays as that’s going to be a future chore for me.

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