That calls for a cold beer!


2. April 2013 by Peter

Finally! It is time for a cold (well deserved) beer!

I can finally cross out the final item on my to-do-list for the MIP-front plate. That means that my MIP-panel is finished and ready to be mounted on the structure!  A close-up below.

All buttons are working and all gauges working (But they need to be calibrated). All annunciators work and everything is backlit!  20130403-144450.jpg

Of course there always are things to improve. I still need to make frames around the 5 monitors, and the clocks are not working (There only is a backplate, nothing else).

I have found a few good advises on on the web that I would like to pass on:

  • The slot for the gear-lever is covered with a bicycle tube
  •  The 2 INOP buttons on the MDF-panel is also wired up and can be used for FSX-commands like pause or “reset view”.

3 thoughts on “That calls for a cold beer!

  1. ohsirus says:

    keep it coming!

  2. Great Highland Bagpipes says:

    I’m building a home cockpit and I have a question for you: I’m going to buy the foamalux plate (if I find a place where to buy it here in Italy!) , but where can I find the measurements for the holes on the MIP plate?
    Thanks and apologize for bad english 🙂

    • Peter says:

      I found the Foamalux it my local DIY-shop, called Bauhaus. Bauhaus is a large european DIY-chain. They have no shops in Italy, but I am sure you can find another shop that has it. Just look for a shop with chipboard / MDF-board / plexiglass. Foamlux should be in the same part of the shop.

      If you have not yet downloaded “The bible” of measurement from Marcus pilot you should get it right away, it contains many of the measurements you will need along the way. Just google . Especially the MIP is well documented in that pdf-file.


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