Overhead in for a C-check

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22. February 2016 by Peter

I had a loose connection on my IRS-display. I did not display anything. So I started to fix it.  One thing led to another and before I knew it the entire AFT overhead was dismounted.

My overhead is faced with two limitations:
The first is a limited ceiling height. So when ever I need to work on the overhead I had to crawl up through the area with eyebrow window. And my headroom would then only be 20-30 cm. So it was very tight when I had to work on the overhead things were very hard to reach.

img_7838Second is was one big mess in wires – pure spaghetti-land! The back side of the panels are exposed and connected with those Dupont-vires I have mentioned so often. So when I moved my arm across the overhead I might touch a wire that would come loose.

2 problems – 2 solutions

img_7818The tight space has been solved by a different mounting of the overhead. Now it is fixed with large bolts in the front, but only fixed in the front. That way I am able to tip down the overhead to a vertical position. That makes it very easy to work on the overhead. On the picture the overhead is tipped down. But not rewired. So it is still a mess in wires.

The second solution is a bit more time-consuming: I am considering remaking all my panels. These new versions will have a hard backplate some 4-5 cm behind the panel and switches. On to this backside I will use d-sub connectors. They do not come off easily. The sides on the back of the panel will be enclosed in cardboard (or similar). This way all switches, LEDs and wires will be inside a closed box. So the risk of something coming loose will be minimized. You are able to see this new design on the right hand side in the middle. a grey back with a  black frame.


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