A milestone


15. April 2013 by Peter

Last night was a milestone in my cockpit building as I could install my main instrument panel (MIP).

The last couple of months I have been building my main instrument panel – I call it the MIP-front-plate. This weekend I finished the front plate and mounted it on the structure!

Main Instrument Panel

Main Instrument Panel

Now I need to plug in the wires on to my 2 MasterCards. That should be a somewhat easy task – but of course time consuming.

The bright reader will notice that the two monitors on the first officer side is turned the wrong way. The navigation display should be on the inside and vise versa. This is because it actually just is a copy of the captains screen. I do not have enough display ports on my graphics card to run three separate monitors. So I have bought a $5 DVI-splitter so I can display the captains display on two screens.

On top you see a OpenCockpits MCP/AutoPilot and 2 EFIS panels from Hispapanels.

This is beginning to look like a B737 cockpit indeed!

B737 Main instrument panel

B737 Main instrument panel

Here is a video from a very happy Peter

Time for a beer!

2 thoughts on “A milestone

  1. Amine says:

    Hi Peter

    This is impressive , I have to say ….

    I have a question though…. How do get to run the sim with two PCs , how do you get one PC to run the panel screens and the other one does the rest .

    I appreciate you help


    • Peter says:

      Hi Amine.
      This is all done with the Prosim737 Software. It runs on a computer as the Prosim server. All other Prosim programs (Display for screens, Autopilot, FMC, sounds) then runs on different computers and connects to the server across the network. Very easy. All I have to do is the punch in the IP-adress of the Prosim server, then it connects automatically and get the data needed.

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