Bye bye hairs


26. August 2012 by Peter

Okay… Off to a good start. The pdf-file with measures from “Marcuspilot” seems to be The Bible for cockpit-buiders. And so I have downloaded and printed the document. However I seems to be missing quite a few important cross-reference measures so it is quite hard to make a precise sketch of the work that lies ahead.

This of course gives room for flexibility but has also caused quite many hairs to be cleared for departure from my scalp. Example: I can tell you how far the instrument panel is located from the back-wall or the chair and everything else inside the cockpit. But so far I have not been able to find out where the main panel is located in reference to the windows. From pictures on I have estimated that the lower edge on the light panel (below the MIP) seems to be a few centimeters from the vertical edge that again more-or-less seems to meet the window frame at the window coulomb. But this is purely guessing.

Because simple cross-reference measures are missing I have had to change my plans. To begin with I wanted to build the complete cockpit to begin with and I have done a lot of drawing on numerous pieces of paper to the the different measurements to fit. But for now I have given up on the part. I will just make the Main Instrument Panel and overhead in the correct sizes and the in a phase two build the outside frame.

It seems that the frame it self is the less documented part on the cockpit. Different measurements from different sources shows different values. It is all very confusing… So I think I will end up making my own set of measurements! Especially the sides of cockpit is going to be a bit tighter than the real cockpit. At this very early point I plan a two meter wide cockpit and just under two meters long. I’ll add some drawings later on.


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