Going to FS Weekend – Are you?


3. November 2022 by Peter

Tomorrow I am headed back to the Netherlands. This time to attend the FS Weekend in Lelystad.

One of the other YouTubers wrote me a few months ago and asked me if I was planning to go – if so we have a beer. Well.. Whenever someone says ‘Beer’ I am ready. So I thought Sure, why not!? So I am going tomorrow and plan to stay there both Saturday and Sunday

I have no idea what to expect. I have never been there before. So lets see. I will post a few pictures when I get back.

If you also is going lets meet up.


4 thoughts on “Going to FS Weekend – Are you?

  1. Jerry McCarroll says:

    I wish I could but its a long, expensive trip from Texas

  2. Jerry McCarroll says:

    Hi Peter I haven’t heard anything about your trip to FSWeekend. Was it what you expected. I’ve been having some success making panels with my cnc router. I would like to make the letters just a little bit thinner but I haven’t figured out a way to do that. My paint job isn’t the greatest, but it will do for me. I used 4000k led strips for the backlighting since I already had them, but they are way too bright. I will probably switch them to warm white (used by OC) when I make it to a Chinese Led Import store on the other side of Dallas where I can get 16ft for $15. I have an OC Dimming Board I will put them on. I need to get a smaller monitor for the CAP PFD/ND like the one on your sight so I will have room for the panels and annunciators above the PFD/ND. FO side will have to wait for a future date. Oh, I forgot to mention that I finally switched to MSFS2020. I haven’t quite gotten everything working but yesterday I finally got Wideview to work on the second computer for my left/right side views. The scenery is awesome! Even the terrain on the ground looks much more realistic than P3D.

    Jerry [cid:42161e74-565a-45d7-b85f-255b370164a6][cid:ab982c3d-f338-4c08-9c01-f2f6facc3d44][cid:7c5538ad-493d-4b78-a5e0-7155775cbfb7] ________________________________

    • Peter says:

      Hi Jerry.

      It was super nerdy but also fun at Lelystad. I met up with Karl from 737diysim and Michael from Mickies Flightdeck.
      I forgot to take a lot of photos. But I will see if I can get get something composed.

      I have been having a light flu the last couple of days. That time has been spend in watching videos about MSFS. I think I need to upgrade my gear and take the plunge as well.

      • Jerry says:

        “I think I need to upgrade my gear and take the plunge as well.”

        You won’t be disappointed but expect some time to get everything working with Prosim737. You have to get fsuipc7 as well.

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