Sold: 1x EFIS (€50)


9. March 2022 by Peter

1 EFIS units for sale. Price €50. .

Hispapanels EFIS units.

It is DIY. So home made. It is made with the Hispapanels PCB (printed circuit board).

Backlit using 12v LED strips.

The unit has dual encoder / rotary switch units. You can change the values via the encoder on the inner shaft. Puch it to reset MIN ALT / STD. The outer shaft changes the values.

Not USB. You need an interface board to connect the switches.

I have the faceplate for an EFIS number 2. This is also included. So you are buying:

  • A assembled EFIS using Hispapanel PCB
  • Faceplates for your own build of a second EFIS.

Total price €50

Shipping within EU using GLS around €20.


6 thoughts on “Sold: 1x EFIS (€50)

  1. kalybrjarin says:

    Hello still do you have this for sale?

    • Peter says:

      Hello. Well… Yes and no.
      I have one available that is working. The other unit is taken apart so it is only the face plates.
      However – as only one is working the price is of course halfed.
      So the working EFIS (With PCB mount) and faceplates for a own build is sold for €50.
      I forgot to update the listing. But I will do so later today.

  2. Dieter says:

    Also if you have more things to sell advise me… i`m just on the way to build a homecockpit

  3. Dieter says:

    hej Peter..still for sale ??

    • Peter says:

      Hi Dieter.
      It is. Write me an email, then I can give you a bit more details.
      Cheers Peter

      • Dieter says:

        Hi Peter, thank you for your answer. Please tell me what I have to pay and where I can transfer the money. I live in sweden and have an account at virserums sparbank.

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