SOLD: OpenCockpits cards

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8. January 2022 by Peter

A large bundle of OpenCockpits cards for sale. Perfect for interface. Enough for the entire overhead.

I am selling my interface cards from my former overhead.

It is a full set of OpenCockpits cards giving you a total of 280+ possible inputs (Switches) and 180+ outputs (LEDs). Furthermore 3 board for 7-segment displays and a board for 6 servos. More than enough for interfacing en entire overhead. But can also be used in other parts of the cockpit.

Prise for the entire bundle is €200.
EU-VAT paid. Price is net to me. Expect shipping around €20 in EU.
Retail price in EU is close to €500.

The set consists of:
1 x Expansion USB card
4 x MasterCards (3 preassembled, 1 DIY)
3 x DisplayII cards
1 x Servo card

All required cables also included: 3 x Parallel cables, 4 x IDE 40-pin cables, 2 x USB-B cables.

The cards are in good working condition.

OpenCockpits cards offers bang for the buck. Few other interface cards gives you so many inputs/outputs per dollar. Don’t be worried about SIOC scripts. If you are using Prosim almost everything is “point ‘n shoot”. Other sims like PMDG has a 3rd party program that handles most of the hassle.

Contact me via the contact formula on this page.

Prices are net to me. Fees and postage from Denmark paid by buyer. Check GLS or for postage quote. Expect €20-30 in postage in EU. Package with tracking and insurance. 
Be aware that postage outside EU can be expensive. Other examples UK €35, AU or US €70. Outside EU best option is €20 letter with tracking but without insurance (Buyers risk). 


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