Blue screen of death

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28. November 2017 by Peter

Actually things were going pretty good until yesterday evening.

I did mention in an earlier post that I installed my old shell and mounted the overhead – and in that process ruined my throttle handles. 🙂

I got a new powerfull computer. It replaces most of my 7 years old office / desktop computers (Intel duo core machines). It is quite powerfull and now handles almost everything apart from Prepar3D (And the PFD/ND that runs on a separate Intel i5).*

I also got some new SSD-discs. So I updated my computer that runs Prepar3D so it now has two SSD’s. One 120 GB for windows and one 512 GB for Prepar3D. Wow. Things are fast!

I did a clean install of the computer. In the proces I forgot to uninstall Prepar3D before changing hardware configuration. But the P3D-license is locked to a hardware ID. So I had to ask Lockheed Martin to reset my license. So remember to uninstall first when changing hardware! However it was a bit cool being able to say “I am awaiting an email from Lockheed Martin” while not mentioning “Because I screwed up” 🙂

Installing P3D and all add-ons took two evenings. But finally I was ready yesterday evening to calibrate the projectors. Last thing before getting ready to play. Then this happened!

No recovery worked…

So I have just wiped my c: and clean installed windows – again.

* = “Almost everything” is: 4 screens, Prosim737 server, Prosim MCP, Prosim CDU, ProsimDisplay (Upper EICAS), Prosim Display (Lower EICAS), vPilot, SIOC, PFPX, TopCat, ProsimUtils, PlanG, VatSpy, ActiveSky

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