180 DEG FOV: Adjusting projectors

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31. October 2017 by Peter

Again it has taken quite some time for the next update. But things are getting better and better.

I am still using sheets as screens and that is not in anyway good for picture quality. But for rough calibration it is good enough. But I must change to a better screen material at some point.

When using a curved screen you need some software to wrap the picture. I have chosen Fly Elise Immersive Display Pro. It is okay easy to use.

However I had some problems with the initial set up. Immersive Display Pro would not work properly. One of the two projectors went black when turning on Immersive Display Pros warping. I solved this by using the “Surround” function in the Nvidia control panel. This made my projector to go from two displays with one projector each to one display with two projectors. After enabling Nvidia surround I was able to move on with Immersive Display Pro.

Calibrating the display is not difficult at all. I marked each vertical support with a piece of tape for each 30 centimeters. Calibrating is then just a matter of moving the “calibration points” in Immersive Display Pro to my marks on the structure.

Make sure your projectors have an overlap. I heard 15% overlap from other cockpit builders. I managed with less. But you need that overlap so you can blend the two pictures.

I still have a bit of problem with the setup in P3D. Everything looks distorted in the sides. So something need to be adjusted there. The tutorial I found used 3 monitors. That is 3 displays and 3 views. But because I am using the curved screen I had to enable Nvidia Surround. So now I am going from 2 displays (=2 views) to 1 display/view.

Things are moving too fast when taxing and looking ahead and everything is out of proportion in the sides. Not perfect, huh! 🙂 I will have to look in to that as one of the next things.

I will however try building the side walls / windows as the next thing. This will create a more enclosed feeling. I have also started connecting all the panels. I connected the overhead panel  two days ago and everything worked! That was a positive surprise.


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