4. August 2015 by Peter

Many years ago I bought an aircraft trolley. We have been using it for storage mostly pens and papers, passports and camera chargers. But it has fitted perfectly next to the cockpit. However with no function other than giving an aircraft feel.

But then my sister-in-law came by the other day and she brought me a slab of sodas. Those cute 150ml aircraft cans.

So now they are stored in the trolley, making it just a bit more realistic.

And as I mention in the video, I will just have to see if I can tall the mistress in to dressing ud as a stewardess and serve me one. I better make that ATTEND button work.

The trolley it selv I found many years ago at something called which is an online marketplace for peoples used things.

5 thoughts on “Cheers

  1. Hey Peter, just a heads up…I tried to get my wife to wear a WestJet uniform and serve me cold beverages in my cockpit and she had some words for me that even I didn’t know existed!…so be forewarned……I even got her an original WestJet Flight Attendant scarf to wear, but she was having none of it….lol….oh well, I guess for now I’ll have to fetch my own vodka and sevens.

  2. Bob Putney says:

    Hi, I wanted to tell you that about a year ago I told you that I had problems finding a printer who would supply what you described and asked if you would forward it to me (at a price of course) but you suggested I try a little harder and I did finally contact Ronnie Hansen, the printer you used. He gave me the following information which connected me immediately with a printer in New York. I thought I would share it with you.

    Ronni Hansen | – kvalitet til lavpris
    Jul 29

    To Robert Putney –

    Hey Robert

    There is nothing really special about it. I use a Roland large format printer and i know there are a lot of print shops in the States that also has that. So i think you maybe just ask the wrong things when you contact them.

    Its just a normal self adhesive sticker vinyl with CutContour (the pink cutline in the file).

    I only ship and sell to Denmark, so i cant really do it for you, but as said i dont think it should be difficult to get it made in the States 🙂
    Vesterbrogade 136.
    1620 København V.
    Telefon : 30 22 15 15


    Keep up the great work, I always look forward to your posts!


    Bob Putney

    • Peter says:

      Hi Bob.
      I never thanked you for your effort in finding out which material to use.
      I have updated the text on the overhead page with you findings. Thanks a lot for the update. I hope many will find it useful.
      Cheers Peter

      • Bob Putney says:

        Thanks right back to you. Your work has kept me going all this time and soon I’ll be showing my work to the public. Keep doing what you do, we all wait for your posts.


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