2 years anniversary!


26. August 2014 by Peter

The Danish Flag

The Danish Flag

WOW! Two years since my I embarked this adventure.

It has been fun so far and when I look back I think I have come a long way. There are still things that needs to be done and I guess there always will be. But when entering the basement the cockpit actually looks like a cockpit.

It is about i year ago that I published my overhead. That seems to have been a great success to others. A few times a week a email drops in to my inbox from all over the globe, Europe, Australia, New Zeeland, Canada, United States and even Mongolia. That really makes it worth it to know that others can benefit from my work.

When the flood light is dimmed and the backlighting of the panels shines through it looks great. Building side walls and back walls really helped giving the impression that you are in a cockpit. It is just some MDF cut to measure, but it really adds to the atmosphere. And so it feels great to be able to do a complete flight coning the cockpit and not having to click with the mouse on a computer. The cockpit is at that stage now. All I need to use an external computer for is logging on to Vatsim, and that might also change later this year so it can be done via the FMC.

I owe a big thanks to two persons (well actually a person and a group of people): First of all Claus at 737sim.dk. He has been a great support and inspiration all the way. Claus, without your advises I would not have come this long way in such a (relatively) short time! The second group is the Prosim737 users. Buying the Prosim737 suite is one of the best investments. Prosim737 just takes care of all the legwork. It simulates the entire 737 out of the box and it speaks with the interface boards so you not have to waste your time coding; it is point’n’shoot. To add to this brilliant software the Prosim support forum is filled with helpful souls that are willing to provide solutions. Whenever I run into a technical problem they are willing to help. So thank you to you all!

Only thing that I regret a bit is basing the cockpit on OpenCockpits cards. They are not the most stable in the world. Every now and then they are not recognized by the computers and so I need to restart the computer or unplug-plug the cards. However they are cheap and when on a budget that is a big issue. But at some point I might start researching for better solutions.

So where will the cockpit be in a years time… Well hard to say because things tend to take longer than you plan. Just look at the overhead. It is a year since I started building the overhead and I am not finished yet. Hopefully I will have finished most of the current projects and the throttle (That I started one a a half year ago). Hopefully there is a short throw projector installed. If so I hope that my status in a years time will be about all the flying around that I will be doing by then.

Thank you to all that have participated, helped and commented so far.

Take it easy



One thought on “2 years anniversary!

  1. Claus says:

    Hi Peter

    Congratulations with your 2 years anniversary. Time flies away with this great hobby 😉

    but it’s all woth it, and it’s really great to be able to follow you here, and your great project. Must say that you have progressed very quickly and with great style. Great to see all your findings, and new ways to build a cockpit.

    Sharing is one value in our hobby, and it’s getting real close to the real one

    All the best


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