1400+ downloads!


14. March 2014 by Peter

20140314-115427.jpgHi guys.

I just had a look at my WordPress statistics. It appears that my overhead file has been downloaded a staggering 1400 times! WOW!

60 % uses the pdf and the rest uses the illustrator file.

This is just an amazing number of downloads. I am glad to see that my work can be of use to you guys.

Thank you and have a great weekend!




4 thoughts on “1400+ downloads!

  1. Evert Vos says:

    Hello Peter,
    Just discovered this site a few weeks ago and decided to follow your steps in creating an O.H panel myself. Yesterday I had the pdf. printed on a good quality foil and have it stuck on a 6mm foamboard. I will study your site in making the following steps and will let you know how I am proceeding! Thank you for your advice and support. All the best from Holland. Greez Evert

  2. Much as want to, I don’t know whether I’ll ever have the skill or talent to get around to doing this. If I do though, I think it’s a little cheaper than Opencockpits overhead. I did download it though because the price is an encouragement and maybe something I can do with my brother. Home cockpit building and some brotherly time with a beer or two, sounds like fun. Many thanks though from those of us who don’t have the financial resources to pay silly money for a home cockpit, you have given us hope. 🙂

    • Peter says:

      Thanks a million.
      It should be pretty easy to make. Some foil and plexiglass/Foamalux gets you a long way. But of course it depends on your skills.
      I have some pictures from a english guy that has make a pretty good looking panel from the file. I’ll see if I can get some pictures from him to serve as inspiration.

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